9 Items Your Insurance Doesn’t Cover

You bought a homeowners or renters policy, so you're everything is covered right? WRONG! Here are 9 things your insurance doesn't cover! Oh, and how to get them covered too!!!

You’re out and living on your own now.  You do the responsible thing shop around and purchase homeowners or renters insurance.  You’ve signed the dotted line and now all of your stuff is covered right? WRONG!!! There are common household items your insurance doesn’t cover in FULL. If you’re not careful with your policy and don’t […]

My Parents Lied About Santa and I’m Glad

My parents told me all about Santa Clause. I'm glad they did because the things I learned from Santa changed my life today.

I have a strong opinion about Santa Clause and you probably do too.  There are people who are 100% against Santa.  I see the reasons all the time, things like: Santa is a lie Santa is too “commercialized” Christmas is about the birth of Christ, only the birth of Christ, and talking about anything else […]