How to Fight Dog Tear Stains

Rust colored tear stains around your dog's eyes can be unsightly on a light colored coat. The tips should help make the stains better or stop them!

Tear stains, also known as those rusty or brown colored stains on your dog’s fur can be unsightly and make your dog look dirty. When I worked as a pet groomer we had several little tips and tricks to help with these stains, but truthfully, overall, without daily maintenance, they are hard to remove. I […]

Packed Lunch Challenge Week 26: Life and Weight Loss

How do you find the perfect balance to lose weight and live a normal life? It's not easy, but you have to remember weight loss is about a better life.

It is week 26 of the Packed Lunch Challenge. That means it’s HALF WAY FINISHED!!! If you’ve been losing weight, if you’ve been packing your lunch this whole time, go ahead and pat yourself on the back because you’re freaking amazing! There are times when I wish I had named this challenge something different. It […]

The Ultimate Garden Planner: GrowVeg Garden Planner

Have you dreamed of starting your own garden, but you don't know how to do it? Confused on how, when and where to plant? Check out GrowVeg Garden Planner!

If there has ever been a “One day I’ll do this” for me, it’s been planting a garden. I want a garden bad! My first craving for a garden was when I discovered how expensive some herbs are in our area. For example, dried cilantro is insanely high priced here, and this gal loves salsa! […]