Breaking Through Financial Individual Conditioning

Learning how your spouse has been financially conditioned can be rough! We all go through it!

I have been obsessively listening to podcasts lately, and Screw the Nine to Five has been a good one I recently found.  For the record, this is not a child safe podcast, and if you can’t handle the occassional F-Bomb it’s not for you either.  However, a tidbit from a particular episode today really caught […]

Homemade Halloween- Headpiece and Accessories

Make this "Happy Tree" headpiece as part of a fantastic home made Halloween costume!

Ok, so I might have these posts out-of-order, but I really wanted to get the whole costume up yesterday in case anyone was doing last minute costumes. My husband and I chose Bob Ross and a Happy Tree for our costumes.  The costumes required quite a bit more work for mine than his.  For his […]

Handmade Plus Sized Halloween Costume: Pattern Making

The most fun couples Halloween costume I've ever made! Bob Ross and a Happy Tree!

I love Halloween!  It’s by far my favorite holiday!  What I hate is being Plus Sized and trying to find appropriate costumes.  I am neither comfortable or confident with all my business hanging out for the world to see.  I like a bit of modesty in how I dress, and yes, that even means at […]

The 30 Minute Halloween Prop- Artist Palette

Make this incredibly easy artists palette for a Halloween costume!

I absolutely adore Halloween, which I may have mentioned a few times on this blog.  Did I tell you I love Halloween? Halloween is Friday and because it’s my absolute favorite holiday, this week is completely dedicated to the Halloween costumes my husband and I wore to a party last night.  We went with a […]